Normal Bar Chart or Normal Column Chart

User Story

As a [User], I want to view the [Object Count or Sum] by [Measure 1], so I can better compare the differences between each.

I’ll know this is done when:

  • I can view the amount of each [Measure 1] presented and how it is part of the grouped object value
  • I can view the value, and label of each grouped value within [Measure 1].
  • I can view a single color affordance for all visual representations.
  • (Optional) I can view a series of lines with labels that indicate value progression.
  • (Optional) I can view that all values are greater than zero.
  • (Optional) I can search against filtered values in the visualization by selecting the visual representation of the grouped object metric

Typical Representation

  • Bar Chart for longer labels
  • Column Chart for shorter labels